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Waves of Hawaii from inside the wave – Who is Danielle BZ? September 12, 2012

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Amazing photography by Clark Little in Waimea Bay, Hawaii using mother ocean as a muse

clark little- molten liquid gold - Who is Danielle BZ?

clark little- sand in surf - Who is Danielle BZ?

clark little- sun glints off wave - Who is Danielle BZ?

clark little- surf crashes down - Who is Danielle BZ?

clark little- water drop - Who is Danielle BZ?


Visualize me – Who is Danielle BZ? January 2, 2012

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My crafty digital husband Dominic sent me this fancy data visualization today and I thought I’d give it a go.

Pretty fun actually and oh so easy to achieve results quickly, just they way I like it!


Danielle Black Zimmerman-Events-PR-Brand-Development


Baby Journal – Who is Danielle BZ? August 16, 2011

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A good friend of mine told me to continue my writing while I was at home. We decided I should keep a journal of Sol’s life for the first year and no matter how small the detail, write an acknowledgement each day for the full year. It could be something he did, how I felt anything about our relationship as mother and child, etc.

I have always kept a journal anyway and I knew Sol would be the focus of my writing anyway – easy right?

Wrong! I never realized how amazingly difficult every little thing is with a newborn. Somedays it is borderline impossible to remember to brush my teeth let alone write a sentence, but I have been doing it the best I can. My only hope is that the material isn’t too raw for Sol to read when he is older. Mommy needs to work on her potty mouth.

Go the Fok to Sleep - Who is Danielle BZ?

Go the Fok to Sleep


Meet baby Sol – Who is Danielle BZ? June 19, 2011

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Who is Danielle BZ? Well, a large part of who I am now involves a new man in my life, my baby boy Sol. Born the 7th of June via emergency c-section he, along with his dad, is the love of my life or shall I say my sunshine!

Motherhood is an awesome new adventure.

Sol and daddy- Who is Danielle BZ?

Love at first sight

Sol- Who is Danielle BZ?

Baby Sol

Sol and mommy- Who is Danielle BZ?

Sweet Sol


Board love – Who is Danielle BZ? September 29, 2010

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Hammer -  Who is Danielle BZ?

I love surfing and since I moved to the UK a little over a year ago that hobby has been put on the back burner due to several factors. The most prominent one being my proximity to the sea and secondly my boards have been stored in Gillingham of all places.

Last week mom flew into town for a visit and us California girls took a road trip to the seaside. Having recovered my board from storage it was like Christmas in our flat as I unwrapped the board bag and layers of bubble wrap to find my red acid resin custom Hammer board looking shiny and new back at me. We hopped in our rental car and away we went to Newquay!

Below are some pics of me and my beloved stick.

Watergate Bay- Who is Danielle BZ?

Heading down to Watergate Bay for a morning session

Watergate Bay- Who is Danielle BZ?

Tolcarne Beach - Who is Danielle BZ?

Word on the beach is it’s going off at Tolcarne


My favorite print ads – Who is Danielle BZ? September 8, 2010

During my time at W+K we produced some pretty fantastic work and being on the PR team allowed me to see the finished product before the masses. In honor of submitting my portfolio to WK Platform today, I have listed some of my favorite print ads over the years:

Just a T-Shirt, Nike

just a tee - Who is Danielle BZ?

A great Nike ad campaign created by the Portland office with photos by Terry Richardson. The campaign slogan “It’s Just A T-Shirt” and photos include Nike sponsored athletes like LT and Maria Sharapova.

ust a tee - Who is Danielle BZ?

I like the rough untouched look of the athletes in these images.

Think Indian, AICF

think indian - Who is Danielle BZ?

The American Indian College Fund is an account W+K have proudly worked on for 19 years on a pro bono basis. It is second in longevity to Nike and very near to David Kennedy’s heart.

think indian - Who is Danielle BZ?

think indian - Who is Danielle BZ?I love the mix of heritage meets new age and think this beautiful work is some of the best the agency has produced for AICF.

My butt is big, Nike

Another Nike ad, but a great one that celebrates the female body.

my butt is big - Who is Danielle BZ?

my shoulders - Who is Danielle BZ?

I love the black and white images with water color effect graphics, the work is so strong.

my-butt-is-big 2010 - Who is Danielle BZ?This is such an iconic ad and I adore the original, but I also think it’s great they have revamped the campaign for a 2010 audience!


10 words you need to stop misspelling – Who is Danielle BZ? August 18, 2010

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The Oatmeal has come up with a clever way to help prevent pesky spelling mistakes. Check out the hilarious comic below.